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It is a document or contract that proves the dispatch of shipments and includes all information such as the details of the sender and recipient and a comprehensive description of the shipment in terms of type, weight and volume in cubic meters in addition to the date and place of issuance and the destination of shipment, according to which the shipment is delivered to the recipient upon its arrival and guarantees him the right to do so. Aviation in the case of air freight and from the navigational line in the case of sea freight, and its importance is that it is considered as a contract between the shipping line or airline, the shipping company and the customer, which guarantees his rights, as mentioned in the top of the policy number that enables the customer to track shipments with ease.
It is an international, multi-purpose method for naming goods, developed by the World Customs Organization, and it is called the unified system. It is used to know the percentage of the fee applied to any commodity, and it is the only way to determine the chapter, item, and percentage of the customs fee for a particular commodity. It consists of a table that includes items and sub-items and their numerical codes, notes of sections, chapters and general rules. It is a global language that is used as a basis for the definitions of more than 176 countries or customs unions, and there are 104 countries Its location on its own international convention.
The volumetric weight depends on the space occupied by the shipment in relation to its actual weight .. Where the cost of transporting a shipment can be affected by the amount of space it occupies so that if the shipment needs more space, a greater value is paid for that space, regardless of its actual weight, where the value of the freight is calculated according to The actual weight as well as the shipping value according to the volumetric weight, and then the larger value between them is considered.
To calculate the volumetric weight, it is measured: (length x width x height) / division factor 6000 or 4000 according to the shipping method
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